Karen Kerin for Vermont Attorney General

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Karen Kerin for Vermont Attorney General

Karen Kerin - for Vermont Attorney General

Dear Fellow Vermonter,

Why do we need change?

Vermont has a long tradition of retaining people in office, even if they do nothing, because doing nothing does no harm. However, in recent years, activist office holders have pursued special interests unpopular with the people. When it reaches the point of violating our Vermont Constitution, it is time to make that change.

Karen Kerin pledges to protect and defend the Vermont Constitution and the laws made in conformity with the constitution. The present Attorney General has failed the people who put their trust in him. First and foremost, the Attorney General should be the attorney for the people in a fair system of justice.

Karen Kerin will represent the people of Vermont and will discourage the making of laws that threaten to make law breakers out of citizens simply because special interest groups succeed in pressing for “feel good” laws. Karen will always defend the Second Amendment, the right to self protection.

Karen Kerin is particularly well qualified to become the new Vermont Attorney General. Learn about Karen Kerin and her promises.

In Vermont, the cost of campaigning is constrained by a $400 limit on contributions to a political campaign from a single individual. Contributions are vital to restoring the rule of law and raising the money to restore the liberty Vermont has enjoyed since becoming the fourteenth state of these United States of America.”

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Best wishes,

Karen Kerin